A selection of Karen's talks are available below.


Northern Women’s Convention: Out of the Storm 

Job: session 1   Audio   Video

Job: session 2   Audio   Video


Equip Plus. Highfield Church Cardiff  

Handling OT Narrative    Audio

St Michael & All Angels, Blackheath 

Is the Bible Good news for women?   Audio

Good news for women? - Questions & Answers   Audio

Trinity Church Lancaster

Studies in Job Video

UCCF Staff Conference

Word Work Video


Northern Women's Convention: ‘Secure'

Ephesians Talk 1  Audio 

Ephesians Talk 2  Audio 

Seminar: Secure in a Gender Confused World   Audio

Midlands Women's Convention

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament  Audio   


Proclamation Trust Summer Wives Conference  

Matthew 11:1-19    Audio     Video 

Matthew 11:20-27 Audio  Video   

Matthew 11:28-30  Audio   Video

Northern Womens Convention

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament  Audio 

Equipped! Women’s Conference

The Gender Revolution   Audio

What does the Bible teach about gender   Audio

The identity that matters   Audio

Dublins Womens Convention

Ephesians 3:1-13 A cure for discouragement   Audio

Ephesians 5:8-21 An identity to own   Audio

Living in a gender-confused world   Audio

Word Alive: A Bible Overview - Capturing the Story

Genesis 38: A sorry tale   Audio

Judges 19: A horror story   Audio

1 Samuel 25:  A revenge Tragedy   Audio

Hosea 1-3:  A love story   Audio

Trinity Church Lancaster

What would Jesus say to Harvey Weinstein  Audio


Gwersyllt Congregational Church Women's Conference

Hosea: Impossible Love

Talk 1 Talk 2.  Talk 3.

St Helen’s Church Bishopsgate

Deuteronomy 21:10-14, Judges 19:1-30: Is God really good for women?    Audio


Christ Church Liverpool

Considering Feminism  Audio

Considering Feminism- Q&A  Audio

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