… shows how the Bible’s message contains better news for women than that coming from any other source. I hope both women and men will read and discover that the living God truly is a friend of women.

Peter Dray, Director of Creative Evangelism, UCCF

I wish this book had been around when I was first a Christian, wondering whether a fiercely independent, single, domestically–challenged woman like me could thrive in a faith that some claim oppresses women. Essential reading for both women and men.

Anne Witton, Content Director at Living Out

Karen shows us again and again that God values men and women equally and gives them both the task of being His image bearers in the world. And Christ Himself, the supreme image of the invisible God, is the one we should look to, because ultimate liberation is found in Him alone.

Carrie Sandom, Director of Women’s Ministry, Proclamation Trust

I am so grateful for this book.  Karen Soole compellingly presents the Bible’s exalted view of women.  She also tackles some of those passages in the Bible which many find most challenging.  Reading it will fill both women and men with confidence in what it means to be a truly liberated woman in the 21st century.

William Taylor, Minister, St. Helen's Bishopsgate, London

This is a very good book indeed. I will use this book myself as a regular refresher, and recommend it to students as essential reading.

Andy Gemmill, Co–director, Cornhill Scotland

This timely short book will refresh and help Bible study leaders, encourage others into the task and envision church leaders.

Greg Strain, Senior Pastor, Spicer Street Church, St. Albans

A really helpful resource for any Bible study leader committed to handling the Word of God correctly in order to engage the mind, the heart and the will.

Carrie Sandom, Director of Women’s Ministry at The Proclamation Trust.

Oh my, @karensoole ‘s new book ‘Unleash the Word’ is so INCREDIBLY useful. If you’re involved in any Bible teaching get it now! @10ofthose

— Amy Wicks, St Helens Bishopsgate

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